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The Church of the Incarnation is an Episcopal church in Dallas, Texas. The problem we were tasked with creating an inspirational video to raise gifting levels. It was targeted at generally younger professional worshippers coming into a time when they can afford to raise their level of gifting. The solution was an animated video. The style was chosen to engage these young professional families in a gentle way. The video was very successful, raising $700,000 in six months.

The Basics

Hand-drawn animation
Worked closely with stakeholders
Audio voice-over recording


Trent Robertson
Jennifer LeBlanc
Sara Quarterman




We usually start with in-depth research to understand your business needs, then move to wireframes, sitemaps, prototypes, and development. This careful approach may seem overkill, but it goes a long way to assisting you in creating your content.  

Time Management

We fit our timeline to best fit our client needs and resources.

Customer Participation

It is vital that someone is an advocate for your customers. We are happy to take on this role, strengthening your message. 

Market Research

Initial market research is a vital part of any project. It insures high user adoption and satisfaction.

Project Management

We work closely with every one of our clients to insure all goals and other success criteria are met.


The video had to be engaging. It had to capture imaginations and not be another typical video seeking out their wallets. That’s why we proposed a hand-drawn animation. This unique approach was very successful, contributing to over $700,000 in gifting over a six month period.


Script Writing


Hand drawn animation



Video Research

We had to thoroughly understand the audience for whom the video was intended. This meant producing a video to be shown on a series of internal monitors at specific times – hopefully when parishioners were moving through the corridors or waiting for services to begin.

Video Design

We wanted to engage younger adult members of the church. These were thought to be young parents who were arriving at a time in their professional lives where gifting could be afforded. We wanted to capture the attention of these families.

Video Development

We conceptualized, wrote, designed, recorded, animated, and edited this project while working closely with church stakeholders every step of the way.

Ruby Red Frog is focused on creating a positive and enriching client experience. This means optimal communication by way of well defined processes as well as an array of easy-to-use collaboration tools.  

A story in Research

Research is the most important phase of creating your story. It doesn’t matter if you tell your story by way of a website, video, or even a photograph. 

A couple weeks of proper research gives your project a rock-solid foundation upon which the months of design and development can be built. Ruby Red Frog takes pride in the depth of research we offer.  

The numbers

There are plenty of numbers to guide you as to how to best engage the marketplace. But these efforts must be ongoing – like a never-ending game of tug-of-war. Because even if you are currently doing a good job of pulling prospective customers to your site, your competition is trying to figure out how to pull even harder. How are your numbers stacking up?

  • Q1 2017 Add-To-Cart US Conversion Rates – 2.46%
  • Jan 2018 Percentage Chrome Browser Users – 47.7%
  • Percent purchase after watching social videos – 64%


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Cups Of Coffee

A recent video for Castello Cheese.

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