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Media Buying

So what is media buying today?

“Every company is now a media business”Forbes.

Good news is that your digital media ROI is quantifiable.

“In short, digital marketing now allows us to intelligently spend our marketing dollars because it allows us to accurately tie that spend to landing new orders and customers”.Inc.

However, if your digital channels aren’t working together, you’re just spinning your wheels.

“The aim of a unified marketing strategy is to ensure that your customers get consistent messages about your company and your brand in every medium.” – Chron

Ruby Red Frog aligns the most powerful digital marketing channels for your brand.

These channels all work together, then we tease out whats working – and what’s not, reducing waste and optimizing your ROI.

“When it comes to finding a winning brand strategy, paid social, when used correctly, can act as the most authentic litmus test for understanding the triggers that prompt people to buy. Unlike focus groups or surveys, audiences act completely naturally on social, as they are not aware of being part of a test. – Adweek

Ruby Red Frog moves your customers through a digital journey from awareness to engagement to conversion by tracking them and targeting their desktop, tablet, and phone.

Most companies ensure they have a mobile responsive site and consider their mobile strategy a fait accompli. But the journey that a mobile user takes can be so drastically different from that of a desktop user, that there are actually quite a few more steps involved in optimizing your campaigns for mobile devices. – Forbes

 That’s why Ruby Red Frog offers ad-creation, analytics, real-time reporting, and most importantly an ROI of 2:1

How can we make such a bold claim? Experience.

“I’ve managed over $50 million in media spend over the last 5 years. I’ve run million-dollar media budgets as well as small campaigns. I’ve partnered with Fortune 500 companies as well as startups. For me, what matters are proving that a 2 to 1 ROI is truly attainable.” – Jarrett Shaffer, Ruby Red Frog

So what are you waiting for?