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Winning Videos

Typical Process for a Promotional Video


Just as with our other offerings, the first step is to thoroughly research your brand, your business goals, your customers, their likes and dislikes, an the behavior your new video wants to create – such as filling out a form, making a phone call, or simply completing a purchase. 


The look and feel of your new video should reinforce your brand. This is often achieved by creating emotional appeals, that reinforce awareness, and positive associations. The messaging should start the process of changing behavior.


This is where the rubber meets the road. After we have created an outline, and a script, and then depending on the complexity, a storyboard – we move to the actual creation of your video. It’s shot, edited, and then made available for your audience.

Typical Scope of Video Services

Work-With-Us Videos

We understand many content management systems. They use a coding language which pulls dynamic information and display it however we design. 

Culture Videos

We’ll develop a sitemap that plans out all the pages of your site and the product categories.


An explainer video is a short animated video that explains a complicated business idea or process a simple, engaging and compelling way. They contain clear and concise language; appealing and attractive imagery that engages the viewer.

Social Videos

These videos are part of the conversation your business has with followers on social media. They are often fun and informal, aimed at giving the viewer an inside look at just who you are as a company, and the people who make your business tick.


Let your clients do your selling for you. Nothing is more powerful than that. Even if it’s shot on a mobile device, it carries a lot of weight.

Animation Videos

Traditionally animated cartoons are often called “cut-out animations” – one of the simplest animation techniques. It involves 2-D characters, props, and scenes cut from flat material like paper. These are cut into smaller segments and pieced together so that individual shapes can move in small steps, taking a picture with a camera — at each step. The resulting video create the illusion of movement.

How-To Videos

These can be technical and detailed, or loose and easy to understand. For example, a wireless service provider may want to go through the steps of removing and replacing a SIM card on a mobile device. Or a surgeon may want to carefully reiterate how a patient should prepare for the next day’s surgery.


To complete the work outlined in a typical project scope, we’ll need approximately nine weeks from beginning to end, depending on when we receive feedback at each milestone.

Product Launch Videos

The development website is thoroughly tested, and once ready, we’ll make the theme live on your server and point your domain.

Webinar Videos

Save time and maintain institutional knowledge by capturing and editing your webinars. Add them to support forums or use excerpts on social and support. Imagine the library you’d have if you started this years ago!

Instagram Videos

We’ll help you create Instagram videos that amaze your followers, strengthen your brand, and boost your feed. We’ll create online videos that are easy to grasp, turning your concepts into guaranteed scroll-stoppers.

Training Videos

Now that everything’s shiny, happy, and ready to roll, we put the power in your hands by training you on how to use your new site.

Content Videos

These are often short videos with no audio for use as a graphic element on your website. You often see them as a background element of a page.