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Typical Process for Non-eCommerce WordPress Development


The first step is to thoroughly understand your business, your business goals, your customers and their expectations and behavior, as well as how your website factors into it. We’ll also look at the competitive landscape to establish context and benchmarks for how your site should function; seeking out opportunities as we go. This stage will give us the foundation for moving forward with just the right strategy, as well as recommendations for the design and development of your new responsive website. We have already started this process, as you can see from this proposal, however, however there is much more to be done once this project is approved.

Web Design

Once we’re armed with the information gathered from Research, we’ll set to work sketching the look-and-feel of the site, the interface layouts for 3-5 different views, including the home page, landing pages, sub page, the blog template, and any additional pages as needed. These designs will be ported into a prototype, which for all intensive purposes, will appear to be a fully functioning website. This prototype will give you a crystal clear preview of what we are building, as well as a platform for design feedback. Next we’ll design high-fidelity comps that show what the final designs will look like on desktop, tablet, and smart-phone screen sizes, providing up to two rounds of revisions on the design.

WordPress Integration

Once you’ve approved the design, we’ll start building it within WordPress using a theme but also using custom HTML, CSS, and Javascript. After testing the static layouts, we will integrate the new design. To do this we’ll need to mirror your live site in a development environment, then we will test the site across different browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.) and devices (iPhone, Note, etc.). Any bugs that arise from this testing will be fixed prior to launch. Soon the site is ready for DNS updating, which means your site is ready to go live. 

Typical Web Design Scope of Services

We’ll set up your account, configure the basic features and discuss a content management sytem that works best for you.


Advice and consultation for setup and information architecture of your new site.

Web Design

This is where we wrap your business needs with our professional design service and your site takes form.

Search Engine Optimization

Improved product discoverability, performance, and technical SEO implementation through your chosen platform configuration

Content Strategy

Complete store setup including all configuration, heading strategy, service/product information management.

Information Architecture

Ability to track and infer visitor behavior by way of advanced Google Analytics setup, and touch point customization.

Business Consulting

Content management system so the website content can be easily managed and maintained by your staff.


We’ll develop a sitemap that plans out all the pages of your site and the product categories.


Compelling content is essential. We can pull over your service descriptions from your existing site and create new content for landing pages.

Visual Design

We’ll develop a custom design for your site that will enhance your brand and the customer experience.


We understand many content management systems. They use a coding language which pulls dynamic information and display it however we design. 


The development website is thoroughly tested, and once ready, we’ll make the theme live on your server and point your domain.


Now that everything’s shiny, happy, and ready to roll, we put the power in your hands by training you on how to use your new site.


To complete the work outlined in a typical project scope, we’ll need approximately nine weeks from beginning to end, depending on when we receive feedback at each milestone.