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Sample Timeline of JMJ Project


Project Identification

JMJ will work with the Project Owner to identify a site to acquire or develop.


Project Programming

JMJ works with the Owner to plan the “highest and best use” for the property within the constraints of the market, zoning, and local regulations.


Project Pro Forma

JMJ creates a Development and Post Development Pro Forma.  These models are meant to show the projects costs and schedule and then what the ultimate operations will look like.


Project Design and Approvals

Based on the previously completed Programming and Pro Forma, Project Plans will be created by the Design Team and submitted for local approval.  JMJ works closely with the Owner and Design team during this process to make sure the Plans match the vision of the Owner.


Project Construction

JMJ handles all aspects of the Construction: Contractor – Designer interactions, Schedule, Budget, On site construction, and Building Department inspections.


Project Marketing

Because JMJ manages both the Development and Construction process, any information needed for Project Marketing is readily available.  Any changes required to better Market the project are also streamlined due to the single point of contact of JMJ.


Project Turnover

Upon completion of the project JMJ turns the project over to the Tenant or Management.  If desired JMJ can manage properties upon completion as well.