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UI & UX Design

Better UI and UX design makes life easier for your customers – and you.

Our Process

Consulting with you and understanding your business as best we can comes first. Research comes next, giving us insight and hopefully helping us discover hidden yet valuable offerings (for example, maybe content buried in your current About Us section is really compelling and should be on your Home page.) Next, we create a bunch of designs based on your brand. These design suggestions start us on the path creating the proposed look-and-feel for your new site. Moving ahead, we often test the designs in a prototype format that feels like the real thing. We do this to fine tune things like page flow and other considerations. After these and other processes, we start development. That’s when we make it real!

  • Business Consultation
  • Research
  • Look-and-Feel Design
  • Prototyping
  • Development
  • Maintenance

Layers for User Experience

Ok this is sorta geeky, but if you want a successful user experience, all layers shown below must be taken into account.

Visual Design

The look in “look & feel” – the graphic treatment, the stuff that’s seen.

Content & Terminology

The written part – including speaking in the audiences’ lingo – also data and images, etc.

UI Design Patterns

Consistency is a big part here. A visitor should find it from section to section, page to page.

Global Navigation

These are the big controls usually at the top that let visitors bounce from area to area.

Functionality & Usefulness

This is found in the little details aimed at the right type of user, like keyboard shortcuts.

User Audience, Needs & Goals

The designer has to know the users. Personas (example users) are a big help.

And don’t forget to keep an eye on your competition.

We Know What Works and What Doesn’t.

“You really hit the nail on the head with the catalog/share function!”

Laura A. Edwards, MBA
Director of Marketing Operations and Medical Campaigns, North America
Drägerwerk AG & Co.

The reason we know what works is because we’ve done it. Our team is made up of seasoned pros with deep experience. Some have advanced education like an MBA, others have spent years studying design, or have a degree in computer science. The takeaway is that the reason we have built these professional foundations is to give you a better product.

Because it’s all about delivering what works. Often that means a lot of front-loaded research and thoughtfulness. It means applying our collective “lessons-learned” to your project. And these lessons may cross from one discipline to another. For example, during a team-meeting a web designer might have insight into the best way the video producer might want to  design the opening of a video so that it fits nicely within a page design.

Or as seen in our ux design project for Drager North America: If a hospital supply manager is searching on Drager NA’s website for a selection of products, they can easily save their selection, send it for approval, or make changes, all within one easy-to-use interface,

And that was just the start.


Drager North America, a global supplier of industrial equipment including those for the healthcare industry, was putting together a presentation about rebuilding their current website and moving away from platform it is built on. Not only that, they had a small window of time to present their plan. They came to Ruby Red Frog for help. After in-depth online meetings, we created site and page designs including suggested improvements to their ecommerce workflow. One if many examples is that we discovered that purchases often needed to be shared and approved by an administrator, so we built that into the site, creating an easier path to fulfillment.