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Web Design

Sara Lee Deli

The Wilson Group, a prominent Dallas advertising agency was tasked by Sara Lee Deli to redesign their public facing website. It needed to be fast-loading, engaging, responsive, easy to manage, and well designed in accordance with their brand guidelines. So they asked Ruby Red Frog for help.

The project was a relatively speedy one, with a three-month timeline. The first step was performing a detailed needs analysis along with an audit of the existing site. Once complete, we quickly moved to wireframing and then prototyping. This streamlined, agile process allowed stakeholders clear transparency into every phase of the process.

Actually building the site was next. The development environment was ready to go. The functioning prototype was a definitive guide during this development process, keeping everybody on the same page every step of the way. Approvals were quick and decisive, with no fuzzy edges. A successful launch punctuated the aggressive timeline. Please take a look: saraleedeli.com

King’s Hawaiian

King’s Hawaiian revenues have increased greatly over the last two years. The Hawaii company has added bakeries and distribution centers across the nation.

The company started on the Island of Hilo, Hawaii, in the 1950s. The business, which was family-owned, soon expanded to the mainland and opened bakeries in Torrance, California. As anyone who’s been to the deli section of a grocery store knows, the company didn’t stop there. Then in 2010, the company opened a state-of-the-art bakery in Georgia. Then to keep up with demand, they opened a twin bakery right next door.

Today these bakeries produce more than 10 tons of product per hour. They needed a B2B website to help them continue this upward growth trend. That’s where a new Food Service website comes in. The site was directed at distributors and restaurant owners. Ruby Red Frog followed the same process that served us so well for Sara Lee Deli: Agile development and fast prototyping. Please take a look at King’s Hawaiian Food Service.